How much do you know about Neutriherbs Eyelash Growth Serum
May 08 , 2021

There is a saying that eyes could best express the emotion of one's mind. And the only two parts we can change about our eyes are eyelashes and skin when it comes to the topic of skin care. Today we are going to introduce you an eyelash serum to help improve the appearance of your eyes—Neutriherbs Eyelash Growth Serum.

Before we get to know more about Neutriherbs Eyelash Growth Serum, we should figure out why do we need eyelash serum at the first place?

The fact is that eyelash will gradually lose its texture and vibrancy if it doesn’t get enough nutrients and protein. And wearing eyelash extensions even using mascara will cause more damage to eyelash which will gets thinner and more brittle over time. Therefore like our bodies, it’s necessary to “feed” our eyelashes with serum to keep its vibrancy.

Neutriherbs Natural Eyelash Serum can help restore the appearance of short, thinning, or damaged eyelashes and eyebrow through its different ingredients, especially the plant extract active peptides. The followings are some main ingredients and functions.

1.     Myristoyl Tetrapeptide-12

Myristoyl Tetrapeptide-12 is a peptide that stimulates eyelash growth by penetrating and opening closed follicles.

2.     Myristoyl Hexapetide-16

It is also a peptide that can promote the generation of keratin to stimulate new hair growth of eyelash and brow.

3.     Betaine

Betaine can improve hair strength and silkiness, and enhance the texture of formulations.

4.     Panthenol

Panthenol can strengthen hair, retain moisture, and improve the texture of damaged hair.

5.     Other active plant extracts

Active plant extracts including aloe vera, apple stem cell, medicine terminalia fruit, ginseng and purslane, will help keep the eyelashes thicker and stronger, improve its elasticity and nourish hair roots.

Besides all these functions about Best Eyelash Growth Serum, there are a few cautions you should pay attention to before applying.

1.            Clean your face and make sure eyelids as well as lashes should be completely clean and dry before applying.

2.            Apply before makeup routine.

3.            Dip the brush once per eye and wipe off any excess product from the brush before applying.

4.            Apply along the upper lash line or over the brow area.

5.            Blot the extra serum to not leak into the eyes.

6.            Recommended use is twice per day.

It's easy to ignore your eyelashes in skin care and applying eyelash serum can make your eyelashes fuller and longer which will greatly enhance the appearance of your eyes. Try it out and leave your comments and questions below. And with discussions you will find a proper method for your skin care of eyelash.

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